Vintage Floral Jars for Valentine’s Day

Vintage Floral Jars for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is on its way and soon it’ll be that time again for the floral shopping trip! Why not try something a little different this year and add a personal touch with these vintage jar arrangements…

Floral Arrangements for Valentine's Day

You will need:


Step by Step Guide to make Floral Jars

  1. Fill your chosen jar or milk bottle with water to about two thirds of the way up. You may need a little more if your stems are shorter.
  2. Add your flowers, trimming off any excess leaves and stem so each flower sits nicely within the vessel.
  3. Write a name or message on the Truly Alice place cards
  4. Attach the place cards to the jar so the key hangs nicely over the top. If the supplied ribbon is too short you can always swap it for your own or a piece of rustic twine.

Finished Floral Jam Jars

There you have it; a super easy way to transform any basic bouquet of fresh flowers! To add a little more colour we put our flowers in an ombre milk bottle which looked perfect for Valentine’s day, although we may recommend using faux flowers for this as water can make the colour run.

Fancy having a go? Let us know how you get on – we’d love to see what you make!



  1. Those Alice place cards are beautiful!
    Lovely idea and very doable.

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