Valentine Cocktail Party Ideas

Valentine Cocktail Party Ideas

Cocktails are great at any time of the year and a perfect addition to a Valentine themed party. So whether you’re planning a big Valentine bash or an intimate dinner for two, I’ve put together some tips on adding a stylish touch to serving your drinks this Valentine’s Day.

1.  Add glitz to mini bottles of champagne or prosecco by coating them in a light layer of PVA glue and rolling them in glitter, for a real touch of glamour.

Glitter Champagne Bottles

2.  Dainty macaroons are the perfect tasty addition to a Valentine drinks tray.  Personalise them with your own romantic words using an edible food pen.

Love Macarons

3.  Dress up your drinks by decorating the rims of cocktail glasses with coloured sugar. Soak the edge of the glass in a saucer of lemon juice, then dip in the sugar for a sweet look.

Champagne Cocktails

4.  Personalise your party and wow your loved one by creating your own Valentine’s Day Signature Cocktail. Be sure your cocktail reflects the person who you’ve dedicated it to and don’t forget to give it a name!

Cocktail Making for Valentines Day

5.  For a creative twist on chilling your beverages, make your own strawberry heart ice cubes.  Use a heart shaped cutter on slices of strawberry and freeze the hearts in ice cube moulds.

Love Heart Icecubes

Photography and Styling – Nikki at La Belle Vie –


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