Hen Party at Home

Hen Party at Home


Who says having a hen party at home can’t be special? Sometimes a night in with your best buddies is exactly what’s required. Here the hen party experts at Hen Heaven share a few tips for making the evening feel like as much of an occasion as if you were hitting the town.

Sometimes you don’t want to go out on your hen do. Sometimes you just want to chill at home with your girls, but as lovely as that sounds, it doesn’t actually make your hen do any more special than a normal Friday night, now does it? Plus being frugal has never been more fashionable! So whether you’re trying to keep your pennies in your purse or whether you just fancy a quiet(er) night in with the girls. We’ve listed some great ideas to make your stay-at-home hen party memorable and special.

Pick a Theme
Picking a theme is going to be important as it’ll dominate everything else about the party from the decorations to the music… Plus it just adds a little something extra to the event! So make sure you pick a theme your happy with and one that is within budget. Some of our favourite themes include Zebra striped, cowgirls, 80’s theme and nautical.

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Food & Drink
Naturally we don’t believe any bride should cook for her own hen do, heaven forbid! So a take away is the only option, unless of course the other bridesmaids want to prepare something home-cooked and bring it along to the party. Saying that, there should be some snacks dotted around so everyone can happily have a quick nibble of something. Just keep in mind what the group is doing: if you are all getting manicures then placing sticky snacks around probably isn’t going to be a good idea. So we suggest things on sticks (cake pops anyone?) or things in cases (cupcakes then?) Failing that you could just buy lots of disposable plastic forks.

As for the drinks, we think cocktails are in order! Now you can make them or buy them pre-made but if you are going to make them yourselves, then you could make a game out of it. Just set up two “mixing stations” and have a cocktail mixing competition! May we suggest 3 rounds of mixing? So start off with “Cosmopolitans”, “Mojitos” and finish with “Sex on the Beach”. (Just make sure to provide some non-alcoholic beverages too!)

Decorations & Costumes
Once you know the theme you can go to town with the decorations (or improvise.) There are so many options nowadays what with Etsy and of course eBay. One of our favourite and cheapest decorations to make is the doily bunting. All you need is some coloured string a pack of doilies and some pritt stick. Fold the doily over the string and glue together. Ta da! A girly and inexpensive decoration.

As for costumes, well so long as you tell everyone the theme then they can pretty much source their own costumes. However, if some of them forget then it’s best to have some emergency props and maybe some masks too – just to ensure that everyone is in some sort of costume for the photos.

Games & Entertainment
There are some classic games you could play, whether you decide to buy or make these yourselves is up to you! Pin the cucumber onto the hunk, a quiz about the bride and her beau and the classic truth or dare (which you can choose to combine with alcoholic “punishments”!) Also, creating a Spotify playlist of hen party tunes is also a must, so you can have some music playing in the background to add to the atmosphere.

If you wanted to splurge then you could also hire people to bring their talents to your party. Such as a bartender, a butler in the buff to serve and clean up after you or you could even a hire a travelling beauty therapist(s) to give everyone a little pampering in your very own home.

Hen Party Goody Bags
Finally, everybody loves a goody bag and a good one doesn’t have to cost the earth! You could fill it with useful and/or silly things. For example, pain killers (no doubt for that headache the day after!), party poppers, rude straws, badges, etc. Or if you didn’t want to give traditional hen party gift then you could buy some cheap Mason jars and create your very own DIY mini manicure kits.

Whatever you choose to do though, having a hen party at home shouldn’t be a boring affair. All it requires is some imagination and a little bit more effort to make it was special as going out.

This article was written by Cat Goulbourne, Online Marketing Editor for an award-winning hen party company – henheaven.co.uk. When she’s not writing about cocktail making and pampering spa getaways, Cat enjoys going for runs along the beach, cooking Asian food and pinning pretty things onto her Pinterest boards.




  1. Great article Sarah, I completely agree that you can have just as good a Hen Party at Home!

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