Hen Party Game Ideas

Hen Party Game Ideas

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If you’re arranging the bride to be’s hen party, once you’ve got all the food and drink ready for the occasion, as well as all the accessories such as decorationsballoons, banners and sashes, it’s time to start thinking about party games. Party games will ensure the night goes with a bang, with a mix of laughter, embarrassment and downright humiliation. Pick the right party games and the hen party will be remembered for a long time to come. Here are our top picks of games that will ensure the night is full of laughter.

Mr & Mrs Questions

This game requires a bit of preparation but is such fun! Pick a list of 20 questions to ask the groom-to-be, then on the hen night, ask the bride to answer the same questions – for every answer that she gets wrong make sure there is a forfeit! If you’re struggling to think of questions, the following should start you off:

  • What did she wear on their first date?
  • What is his shoe size?
  • What one item would she take to a desert island? (excluding him)
  • What colour are his eyes?
  • What is her most annoying habit?

Pass the parcel

Think this is a kids game? Not our version! Basically the same as the childs version, this version ups the ante somewhat with some risque pries and naughty challenges. Prizes can include chocolates, make-up and a range of indulgent beauty products. You can add an extra dimension to the game by having embarrassing tasks between some layers such as coming up with an embarrassing dance.

Truth or Dare

The game to seriously embarrass the hen! At the very beginning of the night, get all the guests to write down a dare or a naughty question for the bride-to be. Questions are then asked throughout the night and always end up in riotous laughter. The best thing about this game is that it can be played anywhere, whether you’re having a house party or are enjoying the delights of pubs and clubs. Dares can range from the cheeky and naughty to the downright humiliating, and if the bride-to-be gets through all of the list of dares, award her with a prize such as a bottle of wine or some lovely confectionary.


Photo Booth

Everyone’s got a camera on their phone these days so why not make the most of this and take some funny photos to remember the night? Consider getting some silly wigs or photo booth kits that enable you to make some hilarious photos that you can share on Twitter and Facebook as your night progresses. Get your Facebook friends who aren’t able to attend involved on the night and ask them to vote for their best and worst photos. Prizes for the best, dares for the losers!

Follow our fabulous hen party game ideas and you’ll have a night that everyone will remember forever, and with photos to share that everyone will love to look back on time and time again.


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