Unusual Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Unusual Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Struggling to come up with entertainment ideas to suit everyone at your wedding? Wedding expert, Aaron has shared some unusual ways to create a fun and exciting atmosphere on your special day!

Wedding Entertainment

Weddings are serious business, getting the right flowers, choosing the perfect food and selecting the ideal guest list for your big day needs serious time and consideration. Amidst all the decision making and seriousness, don’t forget that your big day is also about having fun and making memories with your loved ones.

The entertainment can provide that element of fun and make a huge difference in the atmosphere of your big day. Take things a step further than your average DJ, choose a performer who will add just the right amount of humour and personality to their performance.

If you think outside of the box, there are unique and fun ways to bring entertainment to your wedding and it is the perfect way to make your day unforgettable. Here are some unusual ideas for your wedding entertainment that will help spice up your day just enough to leave an impact on everyone’s memory for years to come.

Rent a Bouncy Castle

There are a handful of things that in life; we never fully grow out of. A bouncy castle is one of these things. If a bouncy castle fits in with the overall style of your wedding day, it can be a great way to provide a play area for the children in the early evening and a play area for the adults!

Bouncy castles would best fit in with laid back and informal weddings, a black tie event probably isn’t the type of wedding you would want one. It would stand out like a sore thumb and many probably won’t feel like jumping up and down in their best outfits.

Lawn Games

If you are getting married at a venue with a large outdoor area, you could set up some lawn games to help entertain the guests and break the ice. These games could be as simple as a super-size Jenga Tower or Twister, or you could set up races like egg and spoon or sack races.

You may find that it is more of the children that participate at first, but give it time, as the adults begin to join in it will help them to mingle and break the ice. These type of games motivate people to socialise and can provide great entertainment and laughs as the night goes on.


We all love magic, and what better way to entertain your guests than with a wedding magician. It can give your wedding that little extra spark and encourage people to socialise and mingle. It is a great way to bring a crowd together as they can get involved and engage with the performance.

Magic brings out the child in all of us and it can fascinate guests of all ages, helping you to have an extra magical day. It makes a talking point of your wedding as it’s unique and different and will help it to stick in your guest’s memories forever.

Strolling Tables

Strolling tables are also referred to as a living table and it provides the ultimate conversation piece. This involves performers – typically experts in living statue performance, who wear elaborate costumes designed with a flat surface to surround their form.

It’s great for a quirky and lavish type of weddings and something that will feel rare and exclusive. The glamorous performers can provide your guests with their cocktails and hors d’oeuvres as well as a fun selfie op.


An expert cartoonist can capture up to 15 of your guests an hour- all on custom paper to commemorate the big day. With sharp, on-the-spot artistry, your guests will have rare and novel keepsakes to remember their experiences.


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