Decorating the Perfect Christmas Room

Decorating the Perfect Christmas Room

Everyone always talks about a baby’s first Christmas. It’s certainly a special one, but there’s something to be said for the first Christmas your child really understands and gets excited about. Bertie will be three in February and the excitement is already incredible!

I am a massive Christmas fan and we usually have two trees. One in the front room which is our ‘good tree’ and one in our kitchen/living area which is our ‘fun tree’ with touchable decorations, crafts and lots of colour.

With the excitement at a high this year I thought I would add a little more magic to Bertie’s bedroom with his own little Christmas corner!

He loves stars so we went for this little star lamp and added matching star fairy lights which wrapped perfectly around this little tree. Some silver Merry Christmas bunting set the scene and I decided to display it rather than hang it as they sat nicely on his little side board. No Christmas display is complete without some reindeer and a little wooden reindeer added a touch of colour with its bright nose alongside a larger reindeer head that I popped over his coat hooks.



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