DIY Fruit Themed Party Hats!

DIY Fruit Themed Party Hats!

Give your party hats a fun makeover with this super-easy craft! All you need is a pack of cone party hats and a few embellishments to turn them into cute little fruits!

Fruit Party Hats

You Will Need:

How to Assemble:

    1. Before you can assemble your fruit party hats first your need to disassemble them! Do this by pushing the tab at the back of the hat back through the hole.
    2. Next turn your green napkins into your fruit leaves. For the pineapples opt for a fringing effect along the edge of your napkin and for the strawberries fold your napkin into four, then on the non folded edge cut the corner into a circular shape.
    3. Twist the bottom of your leaves then secure them inside the top of your party hat and put the party hat back together.
    4. Now it’s time to decorate! For the pineapples we drew chevrons with the permanent marker and added a few spots. For the strawberries we simply drew dots then added yellow stickers to look like the seeds.

Fruit Party HatsFruit Party Hats

There you have the perfect party accessory for a tropical themed celebration this Summer! If you try this out this party craft we’d love to hear from you!


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