DIY Halloween Photo Booth

DIY Halloween Photo Booth

Halloween Photobooth

This Halloween, be prepared for spooky snaps by making your own photo booth. We created ours with a selection of paper decorations, it was surprisingly quick and easy to make!

You Will Need

Halloween Photo Booth

How to Make your Halloween Photo Booth

Start by creating a wall of paper fans and pinwheels. Begin in the centre of your board or wall and work your way outwards making sure all sides are equally balanced. We simply secured our paper fans with sticky tape, using a double sided piece in the centre then holding them in place with strips of tape around the edges. If your tape looks slightly messy you can always cover it up with another paper fan. Make sure you use a selection of different colours, sizes and textures to make the backdrop look more exciting!

Halloween Photo Booth

Once you’ve covered your wall or board add a bit of depth by using other hanging decorations in the foreground. Slightly in front of our paper fan backdrop we draped some ghastly gauze and decorated it with hanging skeletons and little black plastic spiders! This gave us a scary frame to work with when taking photos later.

Halloween Photo Booth

Next it’s time to choose a set of spooktacular Halloween props. We used this skeleton kit which comes with loads of fun masks, glasses and accessories. Once you’ve chosen your favourite props (mine were definitely the glamorous skull masks) it’s time to start taking your party photos!

Halloween Photo BoothHalloween Photo Booth

Have fun creating your fang-tastic photos and feel free to send them to us using!

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