How to – Fringed Piñata Photo Booth Backdrop

How to – Fringed Piñata Photo Booth Backdrop

DIY photo booths are such a great addition to a party and this epic backdrop with its luxe texture and shine will look fantastic in photos. To keep the good times going, set up a tripod with a phone holder attachment so guests can take their own shots with the automatic timer. You can make this backdrop as wide or tall as you like – just add more sheets of screen-board. 


Masking tape

2 sheets screenboard: 76 x 102 cm (30 x 40 in), 620 gsm

Hole punch

4 pieces of cord for hanging, each 90 cm (351/2 in) long


8 packets gold crepe paper

Double-sided tape

How to make a Fringed photo backdrop


Using masking tape, attach the two sheets of screenboard together, joining them along the long edge.


Use a hole punch to make four evenly spaced holes across one long edge (the top of the backdrop). Thread a cord through each hole and knot the ends together to form large hanging loops.


Following the ‘making the piñata fringe’ & ‘covering the piñata’ instructions below, create fringe for the backdrop using gold crepe paper. Cover the front of the rectangle in fringe, using double-sided tape to affix each strip of fringe. Apply the fringe in sections, changing the angle of each section to create variation and texture.

Making the piñata fringe

  1. To create fringe for your piñata, cut a segment from the folded crepe paper packet, about 3 cm (11/4 in) wide.
  2. Take the folded segment and find the middle. Insert your scissors into the middle and cut up the fold line, leaving about 1 cm (1/2 in) uncut at the top. Repeat this step on the other end of the segment. Close up the segment so it’s flat again.
  3. Make cuts all the way along the length of the segment, on the same side as your first two cuts. Space each cut about 5 mm (1/4 in) apart, leaving the same 1 cm (1/2 in) uncut along the top of the strip. Once you’ve done this, ruffle the cut edge to separate the individual crepe paper sheets, as they can fuse together when you’re cutting them into multiple layers. Gently unfold each layer to reveal your fringe.

Covering the piñata

Decorating the piñata is my favourite part of the process, because it brings the project together and makes everything look lush and perfect. If your piñata looks like a hot mess after you’ve slapped masking tape all over it, don’t sweat it! The piñata fringe will hide all your sins.

  1. Affix double-sided tape onto the front and back faces of the piñata, from top to bottom, spacing the lines of tape about 2 cm (3/4 in) apart. In the same way, affix double-sided tape across the side edge panel, all the way around the piñata, 2 cm (3/4 in) apart. To avoid the fringe falling down on the underside or base of your piñata, affix the strips of tape closer together, or even flush against each other, so the fringe has more to stick to.
  2. Starting on the front and back panels, attach the crepe paper fringe in rows, working from bottom to top, attaching the fringe perpendicular to the rows of tape. To achieve a flatter, more minimal look, overlap each row by 2 cm (3/4 in). For a fuller coverage, overlap each row by 3 cm (11/4 in). Don’t worry if your rows get a bit wonky; it will add character.
  3. After you’ve covered one panel, trim the fringe to fit the curve of the piñata. You might need to clean your scissors with eucalyptus oil on a cloth, as they can get clogged up with residue from the double-sided tape.
  4. Attach the fringe around the side panel, then trim to fit the piñata curve.
  5. For some projects, you’ll need to cut out decorative details from coloured card. Attach them to the piñata using a hot-glue gun.

Piñata Party by Kitiya Palaskas (Hardie Grant, £10) Photography © Mark Lobo


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