How To – Glitter End Bon-bons

How To – Glitter End Bon-bons

These glitter bon bons are a great alternative to crackers. You can decide what to put inside, so they’re great for any other kind of celebration, too! These ones have been dipped in glitter for a glitzy effect, but you could make them out of festive wrapping paper, coloured card, or even paint them after making them!

You will need:

› A3 sheet of white cardboard

› Sharp scissors

› Ruler

› Double-sided tape

› 6 sheets of brown A4 paper

› Wide paintbrush

› Craft glue

› Assorted coloured glitter

› Little treasures

Ideas for treasures to pop in your bon-bons:

› Terrible jokes – such a classic!

› Ice-breaker truth or dares

› Your favourite sweets

› Fake moustaches

› Poems

› Plant seeds


Step 1

Cut the white cardboard into 14 cm (5½ in) x 10 cm (4 in) rectangles. Roll the cardboard into tubes and use double-sided tape to seal.

Step 2

Lay the brown paper horizontally (landscape) on your work space, place a tube in the centre and roll the brown paper around it. Seal the paper closed using double-sided tape. The brown paper tube will be longer than the white tube, with excess paper on each side. This extra paper will be twisted later.

Step 3

Using a wide paintbrush, coat the ends of the tubes with a thick layer of craft glue. With a heavy hand, sprinkle glitter into the wet glue and set aside for 20 minutes to dry.

Step 4

Fill the tubes with assorted goodies and treasures, and twist the bon-bons closed.

Warning, warning!

When glitter escapes, it can get everywhere and be a pain to clean up. Try to keep it contained as much as possible to avoid cleaning up glitter for a long long long time. Feeling glitter shy? Try making these out of bright, beautiful wrapping paper.

Copyright © Gemma Patford, 2017. Photography by Amorfo. Extracted from ROPED IN by Gemma Patford, published by Hardie Grant Books


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