How to Make Halloween Ghost Cookies

How to Make Halloween Ghost Cookies

Planning your treats for Halloween? These ghost cookies are so simple to put together and make a great alternative to sweets and chocolate! You could make the biscuits ahead of time then ice them as a fun Halloween activity! Here’s how you make them:

Ghost Shaped Cookies

1. Baking Ghost Cookies

To make our biscuit dough we followed this recipe from Biscuiteers, it really does produce the best biscuits! We used our ghost shaped cookie cutter before baking to get our ghost shapes.

Line Icing Ghosts

2. Line Icing

For the icing we used another fab recipe from Biscuiteers. We started by making a thick line icing. One of the reasons why these cookies are so easy to make is because you don’t need to mix any colours. Using a piping bag with the very tip cut off, we followed the edge of our ghosts to make a wall of icing to fill. Make sure you don’t leave any gaps as when it comes to flooding, your icing will pour over the edges!

Icing Ghost Cookies

3. Flood Icing

With a more runny icing, fill up a squeezy bottle. Use this to fill the centre of your cookie so most of it is covered with your white flood icing. To fill in any gaps simply tap the sides of your cookie or use the nozzle of the bottle to carefully move the icing around the cookie.

Ghost Cookies by Party Pieces

4. The Finishing Touches

To finish our little ghosts we used some black food colouring on the end of a food pick to create two tiny eyes! If you’re feeling creative you could give your ghosts different faces and expressions using black line icing! If you do this, make sure you use a gel colouring as liquid colour will just achieve a grey shade.


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