5 Top Tips for Creating Dessert Tables

5 Top Tips for Creating Dessert Tables

This handy blog post and beautiful images have been supplied by the super talented Robin Green of Cakes By Robin, bespoke cake designer in London.

Birthday parties are magical events when your child’s eyes light up in wonder and delight at their special day of the year. We all love being made a fuss of, don’t we? Obviously, party food is a key ingredient to the success of any kids’ party, and you’ll want to push the boat out to create a visual as well as edible feast that will make a real impression on the young guests.

Combining tantalising party food design with the practical approach needed to cater for impatient, clumsy little hands is not impossible – it just needs a bit of thought. Themed party dessert tables are the perfect way to have it all: a visual display that has the wow factor, with grab-it-and-go sweet treats that all the kids will love.

1. Choose the Theme

Does your little boy like Pirates or Superheros? Is you little madam a little princess at heart? Selecting the right theme for your dessert table will make all the difference between ‘wow’ and ‘meh’.

Whether you go for Fun at the Farm, Wheels on the Bus or all-out Girly Pink, make sure every item on the table reinforces your chosen theme. It goes without saying that the birthday cake should be on the same theme – so why not use it as a centrepiece for your dessert table? Pay close attention to the colour theme on your table, so that everything comes together in perfect harmony to create one big eye-popping display.


2. Something for Everyone

When it comes to putting together the perfect dessert table for a children’s party, variety is key. You don’t simply want to offer a plate of biscuits – it needs to be fun and exciting for the little party guests to choose the most yummy looking item from a wide selection of sweet treats.

Take a look at the Jungle theme and Wheels on the Bus theme below by way of illustration. Mini cupcakes with different jungle animal toppings, cookies in the animal shapes, sugar monkeys, lions, elephants, giraffes as well as tropical fruit – let your imagination run wild within your chosen scheme. The Wheels on the Bus theme uses cookies in the shape of buses and stop signs, traffic light cake pops and flower topped cupcakes to great effect.

jungle-theme-dessert-tableWheels on the Bus

For kids’ parties, it’s advisable to stick to smaller items that are easy to pick up and eat – nothing too fancy or too messy please. Mini cupcakes, cake pops, image cookies, brownies, chocolate dipped marshmallows, mini donuts, or any other visually appealing, handheld sweet would all work very well.

3. Use the Space Wisely

No matter how big or small your dessert table is, space management is paramount. Dressing the buffet table is a scene setting exercise that should achieve visual excitement at the wealth of the mouthwatering choices on offer.

Use the space wisely – the impact is greatest when cupcakes, cookies and all the other sweet goodies are brought close together into a unified display, rather than randomly placed on the table. If there isn’t enough food to cover the table, you could use home décor pieces or even toys to complete the presentation.

Don’t forget to create a backdrop for your sweet buffet too – a matching tablecloth, some fabric or even paper will do the trick to set the scene and add depth. Notice how the Fun at the Farm theme below has been cleverly accessorised with natural, rustic materials, some straw and a playful farmyard backdrop.


4. Create a Balanced Display

One of the easiest ways to create a showstopping dessert table is with symmetry. This soft, girly Dragonfly theme shows the party cake in the centre, flanked by cake stands filled with sweet pastries, pretty jars of sugared almonds and colour coordinated cake pops in the centre at the front.


Symmetry doesn’t necessarily mean everything has to be exactly the same on both sides. What turns an ordinary buffet into a styled dessert table is a sense of balance. An assymetrical look, on the other hand, gives you the opportunity to be more creative and informal, perhaps with more than one focal point.

5. Make a 3D Impact

Children love to be wowed – and the best way to make a big impact is with size. When creating a dessert table for your little darling’s birthday party, think 3D. Adding lots of different heights makes everything more visually exciting than if all the items are set flat on the table.

Take a leaf out of an interior designer’s book and think about attracting (and keeping!) your little guests’ visual attention. You can experiment with different sized cake stand and dessert trays, boxes or upturned bowls. Your centrepiece should be the focal point of the sweet buffet.

girly-cakes-3d Impact


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